Dr  Mousavi


Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    Lab-scale preparation of polyphenylsulfone/functionalized titanium carbide nanoparticles membrane for use in pervaporation process    M.Sc.    najafipour, mahya    2018-09-24
2    Effect of HFP amount in PVDF-HFP membranes on recovery of 1-ethyl-2-methylbenzene from wastewater    M.Sc.    salari, mohammad hossein    2018-09-24
3    Preparation of polybutylene succinate/polyurethane hybrid polymeric membrane    M.Sc.    mottie, amir    2018-09-10
4    preparation of cellulose acetate butyrate polymeric membrane containing nanostructure for concentration of fruit juice in direct osmosis process    M.Sc.    rigi, navid    2018-08-27
5    Preparation of poly (caprolactone)/functionalized titanium carbide nanoparticles membrane for wastewater treatment    M.Sc.    abbasi geravand, mohammad hassan    2018-08-13
6    Preparation of modified PVDF-HFP membrane for application in pervaporation process    M.Sc.    Miranmoussavi, Haniehsadat    2018-08-06
7    Propyl benzene removal from wastewater using polymeric membrane by pervaporation process    M.Sc.    Malekzadeh Dirin, AmirReza    2018-08-06
8    Fabrication of hydrophobic flat-sheet membranes with PVDF-based copolymer and their modification for membrane distillation (MD) application    Ph.D    Ashrafian, Sahar    2018-02-24
9    Experimental investigation of fructose crystallization from corn syrup by supercritical antisolvent process    Ph.D    Shirafkan, Azadeh    2018-02-18
10    Lab-scale preparation of nanocomposite membrane containing functionalized titanium carbide nanoparticles for filtration of aqueous solutions    M.Sc.    Dashtbozorg, Amirhosein    2018-02-05
11    Preparation of improved PPSU membrane for removal of dye from water    M.Sc.    rastegar, bahareh    2018-02-05
12    preparation of polymer inclusion membrane using PVDF-HFP    M.Sc.    haffar, farideh    2018-02-05
13    Modeling and simulation of pervaporation process using multi-agent system    M.Sc.    moghim zadeh, mohsen    2017-11-28
14    Preparation of poly(butylene succinate)/polycaprolactone blend membrane for treatment of food wastewater    M.Sc.    sadeghi, azadeh    2017-11-28
15    Modeling and simulation of simultaneous aeration and vibration in membrane bioreactor for fouling reduction using computational fluid dynamics    M.Sc.    Soleimani, Faramarz    2017-11-28
16    Preparation of poly(butylene succinate)/poly(vinyl pyrrolidone) blend membrane for utilization in pervaporation process    M.Sc.    Almwli, Hanan Hashim Abed    2017-11-28
17    Recovery of 1-ethyl-2-methylbenzene from wastewater by polymeric membranes via pervaporation process    M.Sc.    rajaee gazic, fatemeh    2017-11-13
18    Preparation of modified polyacrylonitrile/chitosan-polyvinylalcohol membrane and investigation of adsorption and filtration of dye solutions by it    Ph.D    Zeynali, Vahid    2017-09-21
19    Improvement of membrane surface hydrophobicity using a novel method and investigation of its influence on performance of direct contact membrane distillation process    Ph.D    Rabiei, Sima    2017-04-12
20    Production of smart water by membrane separation    M.Sc.    Rezaeian Doloui, Mohammad Sadegh    2017-03-06
21    Preparation of polymeric membrane containing nanostructure in order to reduction of biofouling    M.Sc.    sepehri, elnaz    2017-03-06
22    Lab-scale preparation of nanocomposite PVDF membrane for filtration of aqueous solutions    M.Sc.    Razmgar, Kourosh    2017-03-05
23    Lab-scale preparation of PPSU/nanoparticle membrane for filtration of aqueous solutions    M.Sc.    azadvari, atefe    2017-03-05
24    Separation of trimethylbenzene from water by pervaporation process and improvement of membrane performance using nanostructures    Ph.D    mousavinezhad, SA    2016-10-23
25    Lab-scale preparation of poly (caprolactone) membrane for application in pervaporation process    M.Sc.    afsar, faranak    2016-10-17
26    Mathematical Modelling of PM-MAP and Investigation the Effect of Calcium Lactate and Cysteine and the Kind of Packaging on Quality of Fresh-Cut Romaine Lettuce and Determination its Shelf-life.    Ph.D    salemi, bahareh    2016-09-27
27    Separation of calcium nitrate salt from aqueous solution by membrane distillation crystallization process    M.Sc.    nasiraee, mohammad    2016-09-19
28    Treatment of dye wastewater by enzymatic membrane reactors    M.Sc.    Veismoradi, Ali    2016-04-10
29    Modeling and simulation of direct osmosis process using cellular automata    M.Sc.    keshavarzi, seyed mostafa    2016-04-10
30    Preparation of polymer inclusion membrane(PIM) and its application in separation of drug from wastewater    M.Sc.    Dareshiri, MohamadReza    2016-03-01
31    preparation of nano-composite membrane aligned with functionalized carbon nanotube for application in direct osmosis process    Ph.D    samieirad, saeed    2016-02-15
32    Recovery of Aroma Compounds from Tomato juice using Pervaporation    Ph.D    ghahramanifar, amin    2016-01-04
33    Separation of pharmaceutical contaminant from wastewater using molecularly imprinted polymer membrane    M.Sc.    Dolkhani, Atieh    2015-11-02
34    Fabrication of PEBAX® MH 1657 membrane and improving its hydrophilicity    M.Sc.    Mirshahvalad, Mohsen    2015-11-02
35    Preparation of poly (butylene succinate)/cellulose acetate/dextran membrane    M.Sc.    Hoseinzadeh Bahremand, Ali    2015-06-22
36    preparation and study of the formation mechanism of cellulose acetate membranes for use in forward osmosis process    M.Sc.    jafarpour, tahereh    2015-03-02
37    Modeling and simulation of forward osmosis process using multi-agent system    M.Sc.    Taherian, Mostafa    2015-02-02
38    Using photocatalytic-membrane reactor for treatment of refractory organic contaminant    Ph.D    Mohamadi Fard, Kamal    2015-01-29
39    Preparation of chitosan-polyvinyl alcohol-modified CNT membranes for application in pervaporation process    M.Sc.    Langari, Sepideh    2015-01-12
40    Preparation of poly(vinyl alcohol) (PVA)/cellulose acetate butyrate (CAB) blend membrane in order to use in pervaporation process    M.Sc.    kashi, m    2015-01-12
41    Optimization of polyhydroxyalkanoat production from glucose resulting from enzymatic breakdown of paper by Cupriavidus necator alsto(nia eutropha)    M.Sc.    shoaei, neda    2014-06-23
42    Assessment of performance of micellar-enhanced ultrafiltration process for removal of pharmaceutical contaminant from wastewater using response surface methodology    M.Sc.    salehi, ramin    2014-05-18
43    Modeling and Simulation of phenol removal from wastewater by bioreactor from type of membraner contactor    M.Sc.    Salimi, Mohsen    2014-05-12
44    Removal of blood pressure drug from wastewater with extraction method using membrane contactor    M.Sc.    Hosseini, Hoda    2014-04-14
45    Preparation of poly(ether block amide) (PEBA)/graphene membrane for use in pervaporation process    M.Sc.    najafi, monavar    2014-04-14
46    Application of membrane separation in enzymatic hydrolysis of paper    M.Sc.    milanirad, narges    2014-04-14
47    Preparation of cellulose acetate phthalate/functionalized carbon nanotube membrane    M.Sc.    Ahmadpour, Farzaneh    2014-04-14
48    Modeling and simulation of pharmaceutical contaminant removal from wastewater by membrane contactor    M.Sc.    Qatezadeh, Ali    2014-04-05
49    Experimental preparation of blend membrane based on PEBA and its application in pervaporation process in order to removal of organic matter from water    Ph.D    Soloukipour, Samaneh    2014-01-30
50    Modeling and simulation of CO2 absorption in a plate membrane    M.Sc.    Aseyed Nezhad, Sona    2014-01-29
51    Oxygen absorption from air by means of membrane contactor    Ph.D    Banazadeh, Hojjat    2014-01-20
52    Modification of poly (butylene succinate) membrane using different methods    M.Sc.    miremad, seyede somaye    2013-09-16
53    Modification of polyethersulfone (PES) membrane with using ionic liquid    M.Sc.    zare moghaddam, mansoureh    2013-07-29
54    Modification of polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) membrane for use in pervaporation process    M.Sc.    sardarabadi, hamideh    2013-07-29
55    Organic Contaminants Removal from Water Using Advanced Oxidation Process and Nanotecnology    Ph.D    Shakouri, Abolfazl    2013-06-03
56    modeling and simulation of absorbtion of so2 using hollow fiber memberane in gas- liquid    M.Sc.    hassani, tannaz    2013-04-29
57    modeling and simulation of decolorization of dye wastewater using memberane contactor    M.Sc.    Mousavinezhad Moghaddam, Seyedali    2013-04-29
58    Preparation of polysulfone/cellulose acetate phthalate membrane    M.Sc.    Ghahreman, MohammadReza    2013-04-15
59    Evaluation of Nanofiltration Process in Tomato Paste Effluent Treatment And Dynamic modeling of process using Neural Networks    M.Sc.    alghooneh, ali    2013-03-12
60    Experimental preparation of improved membrane based on polyphenylsulfone for filtration of aqueous medium    Ph.D    Kiani, Shirin    2013-02-23
61    Treatment of pharmaceutical wastewater by membrane contactor    M.Sc.    Shojaee Nasirabadi, Parizad    2013-01-07
62    Preparation of acrylonitrile butadiene styrene/nanoparticle membrane    M.Sc.    kamelian, faribasadat    2013-01-07
63    Experimental preparation of hybrid membrane using cellulose acetate derivatives    M.Sc.    Haj Asgar Khani, Mohammad Ali    2011-12-12
64    Modeling and simulation of wastewater treatment using genetic programming    M.Sc.    Okhovat, Ahmad    2011-12-12
65    Wastewater treatment of soft drink production industrials using MEUF method    M.Sc.    Azizi Namaghi, Hamed    2011-12-12
66    Wastewater treatment system by using hybrid nanoparticles - nano filter    M.Sc.    Safari, Hamid Reza    2011-11-14
67    Preparation of PAN-Chitosan composite nanofiber membrane    M.Sc.    hejazi kokamary, farzaneh    2011-10-10
68    Preparation of biodegradable membrane using biopolymer of polylactide    M.Sc.    hassani, fatemeh    2011-10-10
69    Separation of oxygen from air by membrane contactor    M.Sc.    Banazadeh, Hojjat    2011-09-21
70    Removal of Boric Acid from Wastewater by Membrane Process Using Surfactant    M.Sc.    jalaei, hossein    2010-09-19
71    Manufacture of biodegradable membrane using poly butylene succinate (PBS) biopolymer    Ph.D    ghafarian, vahideh    2010-09-06
72    Experimental Preparation of Promoted Polysulfone Nanofilter    Ph.D    Saljoughi, Ehsan    2010-09-06
73    Preparation of PES membrane promoted with nanofiber    M.Sc.    Alikhah, Hashem    2010-06-21
74    Separation of arsenic from water using bulk liquid membrane    M.Sc.    Mohamadi Fard, Kamal    2010-05-31